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  1. Sorry, i forgot to respond. I think I figured it out, although i'm not exactly sure why this happens. I did the file repair, and it still reset back. See, my monitors resolution is 1366 x 768. whenever I set it to that in the games settings, it'll default back to the 800 x 600 next time i load it up. But if i set it to 1360 x 768 instead, it saves it and doesnt give me any trouble ._. So It seems to be a problem with the 1366 x 768 resolution, but I don't know if it's only affecting me or if anybody else with that resolution is having this same issue. Regardless, thank you for helping Housex ^^
  2. I have not. I'll try that real quick and let you know if that helps
  3. Hiya. So i'm having a small, minor problem with the resolution settings in this game. No matter what I do, they always default to the 800 x 600 resolution when i start the game. I've changed the settings in the launcher, and i've changed the settings in game.. But when i exit and load it back up, the launcher settings will say my correct resolution, but will still launch the game in the 800 x 600 resolution.. I have to go in to the in game settings every single time i launch the game and change the resolution settings. While this isn't a major issue, it is rather annoying. I'd like for it to just save my desired resolution as default if possible, like it's supposed to. If anybody has any kind of solution to this issue, please let me know ^^ Thanks in advance.
  4. There are no more gp missions for characters. You are given 4 character slots for free, and the rest you have to buy with cash. They are i THINK 400 each. Maybe 600, I can't remember exactly. The cool thing about this server though, is they give you 45 free VP (cash) for every day you check attendance. It's awarded at the start of the next month. So Say you play for one week this month (7 days) when you log in on the 1st of next month, you'll have 315 cash to spend. That's not a lot, but if you check attendance every day for a month, you'll have like 1.3k cash, for free, every month. It'll take awhile but you could buy two character slots a month and eventually have all of them. ^^
  5. Thank you for the reply ^^ I can't read portugese so I had no idea an update was even posted at all.
  6. Not that i'm complaining, but you said in the post that the game will be going offline on the 9th for this maintenance? It's been a couple days past that, maybe give us an update with the correct date?
  7. You could possibly use a third party program (like joy2key or something) to remap the buttons yourself to whatever you want. it will give you a LOT more freedom than the in game controller mapping.
  8. It was my keybindings... the Special key was set to A by default for some reason -.- Thank you so much Seacat ^^
  9. Really? Cause I couldnt figure out how to make them work for the other three jobs either.. Is it C ^ for them too?
  10. Soo Mari cant use her W.D.W and you cant summon Kormet with Polaris? ._. But Kormet is kindof essential lol.. W.D.W. not so much anymore, but still.. Is this just a bug they are working to fix? I know her ST was only recently released.
  11. I just unlocked Mari and leveled her a bit to where I unlocked her first utility skill on the skill tree (protection) and it says the activation for it is C ^ but I cant get this to work.. Pressing C doesnt do anything.. I've even tried going into practice mode and setting all the C skills.. nothing. I cant get any of them to work at all, including the W.D.W. This is also a problem because I cant get any of her other jobs to summon their special weapon either, even though i read that they are summoned with the same activation input.. Can anyone tell me how to actually get these skills to work? Or do they not work correctly in this server? Thanks in advance.